Vanishing Points
“Ms. Manasa plays the role of Fran with a dark sadness and admirable restraint. (I have seen her in more manic comic roles-most notably “The Wonder: A Woman Keeps A Secret” also produced by Point of Contention. This role was a jarring contrast, which she played with deftness and subtlety.) ” -K.D. Hopkins, Chicago Theatre Beat

“Manasa is incredibly natural onstage and totally believable…” –The Kids Got Moxie

“The weight of Beth’s sudden rootlessness is most striking when she shares the stage with her living sister Fran (the wonderfully natural Morgan Manasa). ” – Melissa Albert, Time Out Chicago

After Miss Julie
“…Manasa’s carefully underplayed effort grounds the evening…” – Chicago Theatre Addict

The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret
Morgan Manasa does quadruple duty bringing bright, distinctive comic turns to each role she plays.” – Paige Listerud, Chicago Theatre Beat

The Robbers
“Morgan Manasa … [does a] solid job of creating distinct characters.” – Joy Campbell, Chicago Theatre Beat

The Women of Lockerbie
“[…]it’s the actresses portraying the Greek-chorus-like women of Lockerbie (Barbara Button, Lorraine Freund, Morgan Manasa, and Hayley Rice) who are particularly glorious.” – Chicago Reader

Henry V
Morgan Manasa’s turn as the garrulous Welshman Fluellen [was] memorable. – EDGE Media Network